Baume intense | shoe polish

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DESCRIPTION: Made from beeswax, carnauba wax and cedar wood essential oil. 

Excellence is the keyword of the Famaco workshop. All their knowledge has been used in the development of this exclusive formula, enriched with beeswax special high shine. It nourishes shoes and makes them shine like new. The Baume intense will enable you to realise exceptional glaze and patinas . 

Each polish comes with instruction on how to use polish . 

How to realise a glaze finish on your shoes:

1. Clean your shoes with soft cloth.

2. Take a small piece of the baume intense and a drop of water with the help of a cotton cloth wrapped around your finger. massage in a circular motion with particular attention on the toe and heel counter of the shoe. let polish dry for 10 minutes buff then repeat until it shines as you wish. 

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