Conceria Maryam


A.McDonald Shoemakers has been partnering with master craftsmen Conceria Maryam  for 20 years based in Santa Croce Sull'Arno Italy, to supply upper leather for my shoes.

Maryam offers handcrafted leathers prepared through the ancient method of vegetable tanning with tannins and perfumed essences that give their leathers extraordinary softness, brilliance and sensuality.

The ancient tanning knowledge associated with 100% natural and vegetable products in respect of sustainable development , give the leather those artisan characteristics of which those "defects" are part, enhancing it.

Horse, kangaroo or cowhide leathers have numerous applications. Around the world, Conceria Maryam is a reference point for the quality of refined leathers for footwear and leather goods . All leathers are vegetable tanned.


100% natural and plant products in compliance with sustainable development. A concept that must be pursued through a long and constant path. Our sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations.


Manual skills and craftsmanship Maryam means maximum attention to the quality of the raw material and work, attention to detail, passion for beauty and the gratification of talents who know how to give life to artifacts appreciated all over the world.

Italian made 

Certification of origin and quality 100% Made in Italy with the aim of allowing the consumer to have the guarantee on the Italian origin and on the quality of the products purchased. Maryam A brand synonymous with Italian style.