Conceria Maryam


A.McDonald Shoemakers has been partnering with master craftsmen Conceria Maryam  for 20 years based in Santa Croce Sull'Arno Italy, to supply upper leather for my footwear, bags,belts and accessories.

Maryam offers handcrafted leathers tanned employing the ancient methods of vegetable tanning with tannins and perfumed essences that give their leathers extraordinary softness, brilliance and sensuality.

The vegetable tanning process reveals the characteristics of which "defects" become enhancements. The aim of the tanner is to celebrate the natural character of the leather. To reveal it's true nature and not conform to market expectation.

Maryam tan horse, kangaroo and cowhide leathers. the tannery is a reference point for rare quality leathers for footwear and leather goods . All leathers are vegetable tanned.


Maryam tannery adheres to the development of all its leather products using 100% natural plant products in compliance with European Union product environmental rules.