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Established in 1990, A. McDonald Shoemaker continues to design and handcraft bespoke footwear from a workshop in the iconic Strand Arcade in Sydney's CBD. Worlds apart from the high-street retail machine where products are developed with an expiry date, A.McDonald continues to create footwear and accessories in small quantities, to survive many lifetimes.


In 1996 Andrew was awarded a Churchill Fellowship, to study traditional hand shoe making techniques in the United Kingdom and France. Studying under master craftsmen, John Lobb and Paul Harnden Shoemakers, Andrew developed a complex and considered practice.


Hand-making custom, ready-to-wear footwear and accessories, to allow you to live better with less that lasts longer. The workshop tests each product against five core principles :


Materials. From the sole to the upper, each component of the shoe is crafted  to withstand and endure the test of time. Our continual experimentation with leather surface treatments and honouring the raw qualities of the hide results in  leather finishes unrepeatable and unique. Click here to see examples of finishes 


Craftsmanship. Three decades of experience and dedication to the craft of shoemaking is devoted to each pair of shoes that leave our workshop. A.McDonald shoemakers employ time honoured hand-making techniques to craft footwear built for comfort, durability and style.


Fit. A good shoe sits comfortably on your foot, supports your ankle, and provides ideal postural alignment. Customers enjoy multiple fittings to ensure this stage is perfectly met. As John lobb said "the last shall be first"

.See custom fitting process


Design. Through an ongoing process of research A.McDonald Shoemakers is committed to creating footwear that is contemporary but also classic. Footwear designed to transcend the vicissitudes of time. 

In approaching a new design, inspiration is drawn from the material the last and the shoe style. Always seeking to make shoes with the strength to transform; footwear that is designed to become an extension of the wearer’s character.



Sustainability. The provenance and procurement of our material supply chain is governed by ethical and sustainable environmental standards. Our footwear and accessories are built for longevity designed to be repaired. In doing so we have built whole of life relationships with our customers and suppliers.


Handmade products celebrate rather than conceal the story of their manufacture .


 A. McDonald Shoemaker frequently collaborates with Hollywood productions, and has created boots for films such as the Star Wars trilogy, Superman Returns and Ghost in the Shell. Click here to see our collaborations. 


The Workshop has also been featured in many print publications, television and movies. click here to see 


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Free shipping and returns on all full price items over $200 to Australia.