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Free shipping and returns on all full price items over $200 to Australia. Wide fit men's ready to wear in stock




1. How long does it take to make a pair of custom shoes ?
   It takes our skilled craftsmen 8-10 weeks to custom make a pair of shoes.
2. What is your return policy ?

All unworn items can be returned. You can read our full shipping and returns policy here.

3. What sizing do you use ?

For mens sizing we use English/Australian for womens we use European. To see how our sizing compares to other go to our sizing chart.

4. Where do you source your leather ?

Our upper leather is sourced from three tanneries. Horse leather from Italy, Bison leather form Colorado and our soling leathers from Germany. 

5. What type of leathers do you use ? 

We use calf leather for linings and uppers. Horse-front or Cordovan for upper. Bison leather for uppers.

6. How are you shoes constructed ?

We employ two methods of construction.

Goodyear-welted. Here a welt is stitched to the insole then the sole is stitched to the welt. 

Blake stitched is where the sole and insole are stitched together here you can see the stitch on the insole of the shoe.  

7. How is you leather tanned? What type of tanning do you use ?

All our upper and lining leather is vegetable tanned. This tanning method ensures sustainability, breathability, longevity and comfort.

 Our soles, insoles, heel counters and toe puffs are all leather and are oak bark tanned by J Reddenbach in Germany.

8. Where can I buy your shoes ?

See our list of stockists.

9. Do you make shoes without leather soles ?

 Custom made or any of our ready to wear style can be made with a variety of composite, rubber and or vibram soling units. Price on application.

10. Is it a good idea to put topy on my leather soles ?

Yes putting topy on your leather soles increases the life of your soles and gives extra grip.

11. Where do I take my shoes if they need to be repaired ?

Always return your shoe to A.McDonald to be repaired.

12. What is the largest size you can make ?

Size is no limit we can make all sizes. 

13. Do you make orthopaedic shoes ?

Yes we do make orthopaedic style shoes. Please call so we can assess your needs. 

14. Do you make shoes to fit orthotics ? 

Yes we custom make shoes to fit your orthotic.

15. What is the smallest size you can make ?

No size is too small.

16. Do you make children shoes ?

Yes we can make shoes for children 10 years and up.

17. Do you make orthotics to fit into shoes ?

Yes we copy your orthotic and fit them into custom made shoes. 

18. Do you make high heel shoes ?

We make only leather stacked high heel shoes maximum height 9cm.

19. Do you make high boots ?

Yes we make high boots to order. 

20. What is the average cost for custom made shoes for men ?

Starting price from $2200.

21. What is the average cost for custom made shoes for women ?

Prices start from $1600. 

22. What is the process for getting shoes custom made ?

Clic here for all information.

23. Can I use my own leather to have shoes made ?

This all depends on the quality and type of leather. You would need to make an appointment to discuss.

24. Do you make narrow shoes ? 

Yes we can make all narrow type fits. 

25. Do you make extra wide shoes ?

Yes we can make extra wide shoes.

26. What happens if I buy a pair of custom made shoes and after wearing for a period of time they do not fit ?

We will adjust, remake your shoes until they fit your feet. There is no extra charge.

27. Can you make ready to wear styles to fit my feet? If so does this cost the same as custom made ?

This depends on your fitting. Generally the cost is less. All prices by application.

28. I like one of your ready to wear styles but would like another leather /colour can I do this ?

Yes in most cases we make our ready to wear styles in leathers colours other than what is displayed on the website. Price on application.

29. Do you make half sizes ?

We do make half sizes in our ready to wear and custom made shoes .

30. Can you copy shoes ?

We can copy some styles of shoe. 

31. Do you do repairs on shoes I bought elsewhere ?

We do not repair shoes but can recommend a reputable repairer.

32. Can you modify shoes ?

We do not modify shoes.

33. My shoe laces have broken on my A.McDonald shoes can you replace ?

If you let us know the length colour and type of lace we can replace. 

34. My soles have come away from my A.McDonald shoes can you repair ?

Yes we can repair your soles.

35. Do you stretch shoes ?


36. Can I change the colour of my A.McDonald shoes ?

We can make lighter colours darker.

37. Do you have gift vouchers ?

Yes we offer gift vouchers.


Free shipping and returns on all full price items over $200 to Australia.