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Free shipping and returns on all full price items over $200 to Australia. Wide fit men's ready to wear in stock






For each item, we provide pictures and description containing all the relevant details.
In order to have further details on the item and its wearability, customers can write an email to




A. McDonald Shoemakers reserves the right to refuse an order in the case in which approval has not been sought from customer’s bank. Once an order is  placed, the order and any other information provided cannot be changed. Orders placed separately will be dispatched separately.

A. McDonald shoemaker reserves the right to delay any shipment in case we cannot properly process orders due to any reasonable causes that are beyond our control. Please note that during sales, delays can occur in the orders’ processing.
A.McDonald Shoemaker reserves the right to refuse to process orders and/or service in any moment.









Pre-order are any orders made of items uploaded online that are not yet available in stock, whose delivery is set in the following months.
Suppliers for suggest and confirm the delivery deadline for their own collection.
A.McDonald shoemaker cannot be accountable for any delays, cancellations or variations made on pre-orderable items during the production stage.
We will issue the invoice related to orders with pre-orderable items, placed by credit card, the day after its placement, or the next available working day.
For orders with pre-orderable items, placed by bank transfer, payment is to be completed within 48 working hours after the order placement.We will issue the related invoice as soon as the payment is confirmed on our bank account.
The shipping country provided in the order confirmation for pre-orders cannot be later modified.









By logging in to your personal area, in the Orders’ section, and  clicking on each order, you will find your tracking number.






Customers who receive a PROMO CODE through website or newsletter, can apply the PROMO CODE in box provided at checkout. Promo codes for online purchases cannot be redeemed instore.
Each PROMO CODE has a specific duration that cannot be extended.







Shipments within Australia are calculated inclusive of 10% GST. All countries outside Australia are GST/VAT exempt.

The prices of the products published on the web site Andrew McDonald Shoemakers reflect the actual retail price of the goods which are inclusive of 10% GST.

Shipments outside of Australia can be subject to import duties, local taxes and customs fees.

Payment of the above local taxes and custom fees is the sole responsibility of the customer. 




Free shipping and returns on all full price items over $200 to Australia.