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130 Years of Unlikely minds The Strand Arcade

3 Thg 5, 2024

This video celebrates 130 years of The strand arcade as the home of craft artisan retailers in Australia. Myself and tailor Mr Mister discuss what custom made means and how the history of the arcade has informed curation.

Sydney weekender featuring A.McDonald Shoemaker

21 Thg 12, 2022

This video showcases the Strand Arcade. Here Andrew discusses his business and the shoemaking courses he teaches in his store in the arcade.

We Are The Makers

9 Thg 1, 2020

"We Are The Makers" is the first in a series of videos commissioned by The Strand Arcade. In this video, Andrew talks about his experience understudying master craftspeople, the heritage of The Strand Arcade and how both these experiences have informed his craft.

Odyssey - The world's at your feet

8 Thg 1, 2020

Director Lester Jones has created a film for the A.McDonald shoe collection. A continuation of Jones' work within contemporary branded content (focusing on fashion, art and culture), "Odyssey" is beautifully crafted narrative-driven film.

Walking The Streets

6 Thg 1, 2020

This video is a day in the life of A.McDonald shoes walking the streets of Sydney. The film takes its point of view from the shoes, each shot a skit on the way the shoes interact with the various street architecture. Cinematography by Monique Easton.

A day in the life of A.McDonald Shoemaker

1 Thg 8, 2018

Filmmaker Thomasz lablanca tilts his keen eye toward capturing a day in the life of the A.McDonald workshop. This film is part of a series on craft artisans where Thomas brings the atmosphere and activity of the crafting workshop for all to see.

Attaching and preparing the toe puff

28 Thg 6, 2018

Attaching leather toe-puff to shoe. I generally use 1.6mm leather side that has been skived hammered to compress leather fibres then sanded into shape.

Clicking the leather

28 Thg 6, 2018

Clicking and cutting bison leather for derby boot upper.

Cutting and skiving the upper

28 Thg 6, 2018

Cutting the upper, skiving the upper and folding the upper piece edge in preparation for closing (stitching )the upper pieces. 

Sanding / inking / waxing the sole

28 Thg 6, 2018

Sanding / inking / waxing the sole edge on oxford shoes. The sole, heel and sole edge are sanded into shape.

Positioning and attaching the heel

28 Thg 6, 2018

Attaching heel to desert boot. I use a pre-built heel with a 5 mm rubber top piece.

Nailing the heel

28 Thg 6, 2018

Nailing the heel and inserting the insole sock. These are the last steps in completing the boot. Buttress nails are used to secure heel attachment inside the shoe.


Free shipping and returns on all full price items over $200 to Australia.