Once your measurements have been taken a wooden form of the customer’s foot will be created this is called a last. From this last a form will be created. This will be sent to the pattern cutter—who will choose the leather that the customer has specified, and make a pattern for the client’s particular last. No two patterns are the same.

The pieces of leather will go to what is called the closer/upper stitcher whom  will  assemble the pieces into the upper of the shoe. This will then be stretched over the customer’s last, and nailed into place. Depending on the construction welt stitched or Blake stitched, the maker will attach upper to the sole and heel. It will then goes to our specialist in the polishing/patina department who will attain the unique patina that you have requested.


How long will a pair of handmade shoes last ?

The shoes have a very strong construction, and are made from the highest-quality leather. If they are well looked after by the customer, they can last anywhere from 7-15 years. But if a customer is going to wear their shoes every day, in all kinds of weather and terrain, then the shoes will not last that long.


Care of your shoes 

 The customer journey with A.McDonald does not end with the collection of your shoes but continues for the life of your shoes . We will remind you to bring your shoes into our workshop to have them polished and cared for.  We sell a range of shoe care products: polish, brush's and cedar shoe trees which we can craft to your bespoke shoes. Making sure shoe trees are kept in your shoes and by keeping the leather well polished , your shoes can last for many years.