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Hand Dyeing: Elevating Shoes to New Heights

Hand Dyeing: Elevating Shoes to New Heights


Hand dyeing is the process of adding colour or texture to the leather. Hand-dyed shoes have a depth of colour that captivate the eye and create an aura of authenticity. 



1. Choosing the leather: Crust style leather, leather without a colour finish responds best to dye or stain. First, we test the dye to check the colour rendition. The dye formula is generally a cocktail of various dyes that are tested for tone so we can achieve the shade of a colour we are matching or creating. 


2-Preparing the leather for dyeing: First, it is carefully cleaned to remove all impurities and ensure a smooth surface for the dye to absorb. The leather also needs to be stretched and molded to help it absorb the dye. This preparation process paves the way for vibrant, long-lasting colours.


3-Applying the dye: The real work begins when we apply the dye to the prepared leather. Using a variety of techniques, such as hand rubbing, brush strokes or dip dyeing, each process will bring the material to life, layering colours to create captivating gradations or intricate patterns.


4-Natural dyes: At A.McDonald Shoemaker, we favor the use of natural dyes, harnessing the beauty and richness of nature to enhance our footwear. Natural dyes not only offer a wide range of shades, but also give the leather a sense of authenticity and respect for the environment.


5-Finishing touches: After the dye has been applied, the shoes undergo a finishing process to seal in the colour and improve the durability of the leather. The dyed surface is polished, buffed and protected, giving it a brilliant shine and lasting vibrancy. This final stage allows the shoes to reach their full potential and reveal their authenticity.

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Free shipping and returns on all full price items over $200 to Australia.