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Tannerie d'annonay


Created in 1838,
La Tannerie d'Annonay,

known for its know-how, has become a world reference in the tanning of calfskin called "box-calf". This process gives the skin durability, resistance to wear, transparency and beauty highly prized by designers of luxury shoes and leather goods around the world.
Located in Annonay, a city of leather since the 12th century, the Tannerie is located in the heart of the traditional production of calfskin. It owes its fame to the two renowned tanneries of the 20th century, Combes and Meyzonnier, of which it is the heir of this know-how. 


Today, fundamental principles are at the heart of the daily life of the 110 artisans of the Tannerie d'Annonay:

Train and pass on our know-how to future generations.

Social responsibility: our values
Our sustainable development model has been based since the creation of HCP on a permanent desire to "do well" in order to minimize our environmental footprint and preserve the health and safety of our craftsmen and our customers while developing harmonious relations with our stakeholders.
Our commitments

We guarantee secure, ethical supplies of skins that respect animal welfare by ensuring, by 2022, one hundred percent unit traceability. We have built with the collaboration of our suppliers, a laser marking tool that allows us to ensure the traceability of each hide, from the breeding farms to the finished leather.

Respecting the standards in force on our production sites, we are committed to reducing our water and energy consumption as well as improving the efficiency of the treatment of our waste through continuous investments in our facilities and innovative systems. . Conscious of working with rare and precious materials, we integrate the optimization of their use into these changes in our practices.

All our articles comply with internal specifications referring for each substance regulated to the strictest thresholds in the world. The active watch carried out in conjunction with our R&D teams allows us to meet current and future safety requirements.

As a responsible company, we have always paid particular attention to maintaining long-term cooperative relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors and to fostering partnerships with local authorities and communities in the areas where we are established.
Working as a team

La Tannerie d'Annonay is part of the HCP group, a group of several tanneries specializing in exotic leathers and calfskin. As such, it works in particular in synergy with the Tanneries du Puy, also a calfskin tannery. Complementary, the two tanneries pool their expertise to best meet the demands of their customers.


      Free shipping and returns on all full price items over $200 to Australia.