Custom Made Shoes

All custom orders are by appointment only. Each appointment takes 20 minutes. Approximately 3 appointments to deliver. Make time is 6–10 weeks. If you'd like to book an appointment please get in touch with us to arrange a time.

First appointment : style selection measurement and quote

At your first fitting it is advisable to bring along a much loved/worn pair of shoes, colour swatch/sample, photo and or illustration of the shoe you would like made.

The fitter will take your measurements and choose an existing last or create a last with the toe shape, fitting and heel height to meet your requirements.

You will then be given a quote based on a combination of the style, measurements and materials.  

If you wish to proceed with an order you will be required to make a 50% deposit of the quote. Final payment of balance 50% to be made on completion. 

​Second appointment: The Pullover

At this stage we have built you a last based on your measurements and made a mock up shoe for you to try on. An assessment of the fit and appearance on the foot is made and any neccessary adjustments translated to your last and shoe.

Third appointment: delivery

The third and final fitting examines the finer details of fit and appearance. At this stage your shoes are complete and ready for you to wear.

Finally, we will advise you how to care and maintain your shoes.

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Make time 

Approximately 4–8 weeks 

Womens Shoes Pricing

Shoes from $2000

Boots from $2200

Mens Shoes Pricing

Shoes from $2200

Boots from $2400

*The above prices and make time are a guide only and can vary accordingly .