Care and Repair of Your Shoes

Care and Repair of Your Shoes

The Complete Shoe Making Process: Part 1


Use a shoehorn to help put them on, thus avoiding damage to the backs of the shoes.

  • When taken off, a wooden shoe tree should be inserted to absorb moisture and maintain the shoe’s shape. Store away from any heat sources.
  • Clean and polish your shoes regularly, but first remove all dust and dirt using a hard brush.
  • To nourish the leather, apply a marble-sized amount of  shoe cream using a soft brush or cotton cloth, massaging it in slowly in concentric circles.
  • Leave for 10-15 minutes, then remove excess cream with a brush or raised cotton cloth.
  • Shine your shoes by applying a quality polish lightly in concentric circles using a smooth cotton cloth, adding a dab of water (or saliva) if required.
  • Leave for several hours before giving a final shine with a soft brush or raised cotton cloth.
  • Try to rotate the wearing of your shoes for better overall wear.

This is the first article in our ongoing series: "The Complete Shoemaking Process". The next entry in the series is about measurements and sizing.